OMS Query – Patching Status for Meltdown and Spectre

This is a short article to show you how to use OMS Log Analytics to query the status of patches on Microsoft Windows Server platforms. Please note: Official guidance and advice can be found here Protect your Windows devices against Spectre and Meltdown. This article is just one example of how to monitor patch status using […]

Auditing Azure VMs Add Results to Azure Tables | Azure PowerShell

Having read Paulo Marques article Working with Azure Storage Tables from PowerShell I decided to make the edits to my auditing scripts and push the results into Azure Tables to act as a repository I have the ability to keep but also one that gives me more options. Moving forward we can look to update or pull this information out […]

Azure Disk Encryption and Azure Backup

If you are looking to use Azure Disk Encryption and Azure Backup you need to follow a couple of additional steps to the standard encryption procedure. The offical documentation can be found below: Encrypt an Azure Virtual Machine  Please note this will only encrypt the machine with BEK (BitLocker Encryption Key). This is not supported […]

Adding a Public IP to an Existing Azure ARM VM

If you are not running a jump host in your environment I find from time to time that I need to add a Public IP to a NIC and connect to my virtual machine. PowerShell is by far the easiest way to complete this task. The small script below outlines how to do this. Disclaimer: […]

Audit number of VHDs per Storage Account | Azure

Time for some code.  I was recently asked by a customer to help them audit the number of active VHDs in a storage account. As ever with a little digging around and some slight adjustment I was able to provide what they were after. Original came from the very accomplished John Savill and was posted at […]

Audit Azure ARM Networks

Consultants love to audit environments and there is no better use of a script than for this purpose. This script lists out the virtual networks and subnets in a subscription. Remember there is always a better way to do things and if you have a better way don’t forget to share. Disclaimer:  Please note although […]

Hybrid Use Benefit from Image | Azure

Please see post Hybrid Use Benefit HUB | Azure for details on the Microsoft HUB process. I have been using a slight edit on the process described so thought I would place the code I have been using below. Please note HUB images are now available in Azure, therefore a generalised image is no longer required. […]

Azure PowerShell Scripts

TAG Azure VMs and Resources Auto Shutdown ASM Virtual Machines in Azure | Azure Automation PowerShell to list ASM VMs, Size and CloudService | Azure Creating a VM from an Azure Image | Azure Creating a VM from an Azure Image | Azure – Existing Network Auto Shutdown ARM Virtual Machines in Azure | Azure […]

Audit Power State of all VMs | Azure PowerShell

I was recently asked to quickly audit a customer’s environment for all running VMs.  I quickly reached for my PowerShell toolbox and put together the following script. In the example below I have used the table grid views available.  It would be just as easy to push all this info to a csv file. For […]

Hybrid Use Benefit HUB | Azure

I have a number of customers implementing HUB benefit for their IaaS VMs in Azure.  In all cases to date this is a rebuild or new build as part of a migration.  It works very well, if licensed, you should definitely be looking at this option to drive down costs. General information on the program.  […]

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